Top 10 Best And Most Fancy Matatus In Nairobi! Do They Ply Your Route? (PHOTO GALLERY)

Piece by: Uncle Chim Tuna

I have been railed at time and again for "hating" on everything Eastlands but I have to say I have seen a rainbow in the dark skies that even I must salute; matatu culture. And though it's something I must say I do not and will probably never fathom this culture's artistry is simply breathtaking.

And as I was admiring the photos, it hit me that some took alot more work than others. Like with tattoos and graffiti, some are rather ugly  making a matatu look like a cave painting others however are pretty dope. And as such, some deserve to be more recognized than others.

And some routes seem to pride themselves in having the most gaudy matatus -and that's all right.

So here's where I need help from you and yours; I need you lot to vote and decide which matatu is the hottest. Check them out below and decide:

Vote on which matatu is the hottest in Nairobi:

Beast from route 45

CEO Neyo from BuruBuru

Beats from Komarock

Lady Gaga from Rongai Rt 125

Mayback Kayole Rout 19-60

Green Army Mwiki Rt 17b

Balotelli from Kayole

Ciroc from BuruBuru 58

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