Singer Jeniffer Lopez has come under fire following her performance at Mawazine festival in Morocco back on May 29. Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane has already ordered an investigation .

The angered premier has written to the Moroccan High Authority of Audiovisual Communication after the show was broadcast on 2M Public TV network.

Benkirane said the performance was laced "with sexual overtones which were indecent and provocative to the religious and moral values of Moroccan society".

Morocco is a strict country when it comes to dress code. It happened that JLo's performance was extremely sexy.

The minister said that those who "failed to intervene and stop the broadcast of the disgraceful scenes" should be dealt with.

CNN reports that JLo's previous performances in the same country were without repercussions as they were not aired on TV.

JLo is regarded as one of the best musicians, models, and actresses of our time.

TMZ is one of the first websites to report the case, adding that Lopez is also being sued by an educational organization. If found guilty and is convicted, she faces up to 2 years in a Moroccan prison.