When Zari jetted in yesterday ahead of Art Of Luxury, she was welcomed in a glamourous way by Kiss FM. On location was comedian Chipukeezy who gave her a warm gesture - something that rarely happens when Kenyan socialites go abroad. What's the lesson we get from this whole scenario?

That impression matters. For Zari, she doesn't always concentrate of Tweefs, trying hard to show off on IG and endless dramatic posts that end up sounding mundane. She keeps it effortless and cool; from colorful family fun pictures to charity, it's all about being classy in a unique way.

For example, when she stepped off the plane, she was wearing a hat, black top and jeans. When she appeared on TV, Zari was in a different outfit, something that implies how conscious she is about the subtle things that matter.

Here are some of the photos from yesterday's arrival and media check-ins;