Man Of God Rapes A 6 Year Old Girl In Kakamega

Piece by: Caren Nyota

A man of God has been arrested in Kakamega County after raping a 6 year old. The alleged pastor from African Divine Church is said to have flattered the girl into his house promising to pray for her only to defile her and infect her with HIV. The little girl and her friends were playing when the pastor approached  them and told them to go into his house so that he can pray for them.

Immediately they arrived in the house he asked the other girl to leave before he defiled the 6 year old girl. The girl raised an alarm by wailing and angry neighbours responded quickly by beating up the pastor who tried to run away. The little girl was later taken to hospital and doctors confirmed that she had been defiled and infected with HIV.

Cases of children being defiled are on the increase and parents are advised to keep an eye on their children during this festive in order to curb such incidents. Justice should be done to children who go through such.