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They do not call her ‘Gucci Mugabe’ for nothing. She has “narrow feet”.

In an article by Ian Birrell for The Mail on Sunday, the author asks a rather interesting but valid question; “Is 'Gucci' Grace Mugabe about to be the world's first female dictator?”

Mrs. Mugabe’s political prospects are on every Zimbabwean’s lips, especially now that campaigns to succeed her husband has reached fever pitch.

Robert Mugabe turned 90 this year; he is definitely way beyond his prime. His health is failing, he has few friends left and obviously Zimbabwe has moved on from his grip, or at least is trying to.

Will she succeed her husband or not? We leave that to the Zimbabweans.

What was interesting about Birell’s article is his exploration of Grace’s shoe closet. Apparently she defends wearing her Italian designer shoes on the basis that she has ‘narrow feet’.

So if you are thinking of surprising her with a gift this Christmas, Feragamo is the way to go. Her size is 8A by the way. But please remember that she has “narrow feet”.