Mpasho Exclusive: Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi Are Officially Back Together!

Piece by: Kwarula Otieno

Sorry #TeamMafisi, if you were planning to make an advancement then you're probably late! From the looks of things, it seems the two love birds are at it again.

I know it did.

Anyway, two moths ago Bridget Shighadi posted the pic below on her instagram as a #TBT.

Hatukujijazia so we kinda ignored it, but yesterday at Ebony lounge during the launch of BBA Hotshots, I confirmed it, Unless that's a stunt (Which I'm 99.9%sure is not) then two are back to dating. Nick Mutuma  also posted a photo wearing Bridget Shighadi's "Yedu" collection last week on Instagram, which now seems to makes sense.