Maina Kageni is no small boy when it comes to money. Actually, I am reminded of a Jay Z line in the song I Love The Dough in which he features alongside Biggie and Angela Winbush, he raps, "Being broke is immature and I'm quite grown/..." and that is a line Maina Kageni can relate to.

How else would he be able to afford trips to Miami unless M.I.A.M.I? How else would he be able to afford a house in Miami unless Money Isn't A Major Issue in his life? And so when he launched a brand new Jaguar, it came as no surprise:

And peer pressure isn't a byline in high school alone. Peer pressure is still a thing. Maina Kageni's co-host Mwalimu King'ang'i decided to upgrade his means of transportation because afterall, he too is worth millions what with all his business interests. And he went for something sleek, sexy and sheek. Check out the sexy beast Mwalimu King'ang'i upgraded to: