Willy Paul once dated a nice spleng ting by the name Michelle Dyer. A lass who we were treated to seeing on his Instagram account then later, was seen in photos with Fred Omondi whom she was later said to be dating.

After her relationship with Willy Paul fizzled out, she was interviewed by the free value add that comes with The Standard every Friday, the Pulse, and Michelle Dyer revealed that Willy Paul was an insecure and abusive boyfriend.

You can click on the link in blue to read all Michelle Dyer’s dirt dished out about her relationship with Willy Paul. And if that interests you then I am sure a list of all the women Willy Paul has been linked to romantically will too. And you can read that list by clicking here.

Needless to say, her dalliance with Fred Omondi, Eric Omondi’s younger brother didn’t last too long either and the next time we saw Michelle Dyer, she was pregnant and then went on to explain that she had settled down into a come-we-stay marriage.

Now I want us to catch up with her life since she was dumped by Willy Paul and she, in turn, dumped Fred Omondi. Let us catch up with her husband and their children and life together:

Now here we go.

Michelle Dyer posing in a square checked mini dress
Michelle Dyer posing to show off her new hairstyle.
Michelle Dyer and her husband posing in traditional garb

Michelle Dyer and her husband and her son from a previous relationship.

Pregnant Michelle Dyer posing in a yellow mini dress
Michelle Dyer and her husband kissing
Michelle Dyer and her husband chilling