Life is never a smooth path, it is full of ups and downs and we should be ready to make the best out of it. Popular Kenyan rapper Nazizi seems to have gone through her fair share of tribulations following her divorce and subsequent break up with her Tanzanian boyfriend. She took to social media to give her followers a glimpse of what she has been going through. She posted a photo grid containing her pictures and captioned:

“Different faces same seat…my life in a nutshell …they call me sad eyes for a reason ..seen a lot of pain, felt a lot of pain but still breathing and even though one of the biggest challenges ever lies right in front of me I know I will conquer it #brokensouls “.

Indeed, life is not a walk in the park, but no one should ever give up.

Here is the screenshot

nazizi gy

The hip hop queen was recently appointed ambassador for State of the African Union for their campaign, ‘Be The Voice For Africa’.