Ex KTN news anchor Esther Arunga was sentenced for ten months on parole over her three-year-old son’s death that occurred in 2014.

Arunga admitted to an Australian court of misleading police in order to help her husband escape punishment.

Australian judge Martin Burns read his verdict against Arunga, the once high-flying lawyer and journalist who founded a church and tried her hand at politics in 2010.

She was immediately released on parole after her sentencing.But what does the ruling now mean for the former popular anchor?

Parole meaning

Kenyan Lawyer Robert Mugo in a phone interview with the Star defined parole as a way of letting approved prisoners serve part of their sentence in the community.

“While on parole, the offenders are supervised in the community until the end of their sentence,” he said.

Arunga Esther
Esther Arunga

Arunga will be supervised by the Queensland Corrective Services until the end of her 10-month parole sentence.

She must stay in contact with the Probation and Parole staff by reporting to an office or having officers visit her home or workplace.

While on parole, she has to comply with rules set by the correctional service of Australia.

Arunga is expected to refrain from any crime during the period.

In case she changes jobs or house locations, she should inform the correctional services unit of her decision within 48 hours.

Arunga should abstain from drugs and alcohol for 10 months.

“She will be receiving constant visits from the correctional service unit who will perform drug tests on her, “reads part of the Justice Australian parole authority report.

Arunga will not be allowed to leave Queensland, Australian capital city without permission from the authorities.

During her 10 months parole, she will be expected to attend courses, programs, meetings and counselling offered by the Australian correctional service.

At the end of her parole, officers from the Probation and Parole section of Queensland Corrective Services will carry out surveillance to check whether her risk level is appropriate.

They will also check whether her physical appearance has changed, how she communicate with others, her home stability and relationships.

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The officers can also contact her family or friends to find out how Arunga is behaving.

If she breaches the parole orders, the conditions may be changed or her parole order may be suspended or cancelled and she will be returned to prison.

Esther Arunga after being released on bail

– The Star