An ex-convict in West Pokot County is a frustrated man crying for justice after completing his 35 years jail sentence only to get home and find all his land grabbed.

Isaiah Kisur Korinyang born in 1971 told KNA that he is now being forced to live like a scavenger without a place to call home after his own brother allegedly dispossessed him of his land back in 1998 when he was convicted of murder at a Kitale High court and sentenced for life at Shimo La Tewa maximum GK prison.

Kisur said it was the shock of his life after being released from prison on November 13, 2020 only to find neither the house nor property he left behind at Pserum Location in Kipkomo Sub County intact.

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“I had a family of two children by then aged 2 and 1 years when I was arrested and found guilty of murder. What they went through I have no clear details since their mother is the one I had accidentally shot dead,” he recounted.

He said he learnt about his house having been pulled down and land fenced off while he was in custody.

“A human rights group visited the home on my behalf but were told there was nothing of the sort. Later I started suspecting there was something fishy. Years later, among those who were objecting towards my return was my brother when a probation report was being prepared,” he added.

Kisur remembers the warm welcome he received from neighbours and the local administration when he was released last year but the biggest challenge was accepted by his own brother whom their mother had divided her land between the two of them.

“I am living like a bird for I have to depend on Good Samaritans and the locals for accommodation and upkeep. When I sense one feels I have overstayed at their place I seek refuge at another’s,” said the devastated ex-prisoner.

He seeks for justice to have his land back, however, he says he is yet to move to court to seek legal redress.

The victim is now calling upon the government to come to his aid so that he can get back all his inheritance to start a new life since he is now a free and reformed person.

He explains that though he has various expertise acquired while serving the jail term, he cannot put it into practice because he lacks capital and home to organise himself.

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“Before I was jailed I was a driver but now cannot drive since my licence stands invalid because of the many years without renewal. While at the prisons I trained painting and salesmanship which I am ready to practice but cannot make it because of the situation at hand,” he regretted.

As a piece of advice, Kirur discourages family or community members against taking away property belonging to prisoners since they have rights and families that look upon them for survival.

“Maybe someone thought since I had been sentenced for life I would not make it coming back home a free man and alive after all those years,” he pondered.

He calls on the government to be taking stock and control of all property belonging to visitors of the state to avoid scenarios like the one facing him since his children have nowhere to call home.

KNA by Richard Muhambe/Felix Kipsang

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