Otile Brown and his Ethiopian bae Nabayet seem to have broken up going by her Insta stories and social media posts amid speculation.

Thanks to a question and answer session on Nabbi’s Instagram page, the damsel revealed what she would do if she got cheated on.

On another Instagram post, Nabayet shared a photo of herself captioned that life must go on.

Life must go on.

In another she asked a fan what her point was after stating that Nabayet should now learn her lesson after Otile dumped her and Vera despite their beauty.

Otile is something else now u know kama waliachana Vera who are you.

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To which Nabayet responded.

What is your point?

The fan went ahead to hit back at Nabayet stating that Otile made her famous.

Pipo are catching feelings here. anyway he made u famous that’s the only point I have.

The couple, who were fond of flaunting each other on social media, have gone ahead to delete all photos of themselves on Instagram.

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Days ago she had posted black roses which in most instances signify the end of something and fans were quick to react.

Below are some of their responses.

tracy_hassan_90: Noooo way boo😕tell me it’s not what I think it is 😕😕

_f_the_queen_: Mmmh black roses smells like there’s trouble in paradise😂

eastafricann__: Uhh abeg my heart can’t do this right now beautiful…Whatever the problem is we in-laws can solve it we got you.

wangaremwangike: Woiii you have even deleted all the photos😢😢😢

polinmendi: Ghai imeisha hivo 😢😢the episode was short

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