Blogger Edgar Obare was in police custody from Thursday last week and released on Monday.

The microblogger known by the street moniker His Teaness was arrested after disclosing personal date belonging to Natalie Githinji a.k.a. Natalie Tewa.

He was charged at Kiambu Law courts and released on Ksh 100,000 bail.

Speaking to his fans on Instagram Live, Edgar narrated his experience in jail.

“My gangster points are all the way up,” Edgar said.


“In jail I was in there were 4 rooms sometime we could be 5 or 6 in a room. Pro tip, at night go to a room with alot of people they don’t give you blankets and it gets very cold at night.”

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Asked if he showered, Edgar said,

“Bathing water was cold. If you want to shower with hot water you put in a basin and shower in the afternoon.”

Edgar said the food is similar to that in high school. The diet include tea and bread for breakfast and Ugali and sukuma for dinner.

One fan asked him if he was wifed in jail.

“No one touched me. The police did not touch me everyone was nice.Jail is not somewhere you want to be.”

He continued,

“Xtian Della brought me breakfast lunch and dinner. He brought alot I was a hero in jail they loved me for it. No one wifed me. No one in jail knew who I was. That was interesting.”

Freedom! Edgar Obare released on Ksh 100k bail


“I’m okay just a little bruised. I survived it, I will be fine. They took their best shot but I’m fine. People need to understand this movement doesn’t stop. There is a vacuum on type of content we consume.”

He explained, “That is something I really want to see change.”

One of the celebrities who has been featured on Edgar’s exposes joined the live and wished him well…I’m back. Celebration over.

Terence Creative left a message saying, “good to see you.”

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