It is not only 50 Cent, there are thousands of top celebrities who live a fake life. Most of them hire expensive cars, clothes, jewellery and sometimes even houses just to look cool. That is what we call showbiz.

Mr.Curtis Jackson popularly known as 50 Cent appeared in a Manhattan Supreme Court in New York to testify in a lawsuit about a sex tape which featured rival Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend Lastonia Leviston.

50 Cent Is Broke! He Just Filed For Bankruptcy!


After filing for bankruptcy last week, 50 Cent appeared in Court to testify that he is not as wealthy as his flashy lifestyle makes him appear to be.

While Forbes estimated the rapper’s fortune to be about $155 million in May, Jackson’s lawyer said in court on Tuesday, that his client’s worth is $4.4 million, which presents a problem after he was hit last week with a $5 million verdict for publishing the sex tape.