Corazon Kwamboka's newborn

A month after welcoming her first child Kenyan socialite cum businesswoman Corazon Kwamboka says that without her baby daddy her life would be chaos.

This is because having been a father before he has helped ease her into motherhood,by helping at every chance he gets.

Taking to her social media Kwamboka said,

‘The last 4 weeks have been everything but easy.

I never thought a trip to the mall to get ice cream would get me so excited.

Thank God I have a partner who’s helping me adjust to this new journey, because honestly being a new mom and doing it without any help, (no nanny) and still handling all my daily businesses personally would have been chaos if I didn’t have frankie.

All I’m saying is; respect to all mothers!!!!’

Corazon Kwamboka.

While she was busy enjoying her ice cream her baby daddy was busy bonding with their son.

Her sentiments just comes days after Frankie a fitness trainer assured her not to worry about baby fat as he would help her get back her body.

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Taking to social media, the retired socialite posted a TBT picture of her looking all snatched. She was worried if she will ever get back to that body shape since she has added a few kilos of baby fat.

“Will I ever get this body back? 3 weeks till I hit the gym again @frankiejustgymit you must train me till I get here. You owe me,” Corazon captioned.

To which he responded,

“Don’t worry I got you.”

Corazon is lucky as most men do not even help out with the kids, even when the baby cries they will shamelessly tell you ‘kujia mtoto wako analia.’

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