Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha from Machachari kids show is a multitalented actor. Born in a family of actors, his late mother Wanade used to act in mother-in-law dramedy, his uncle Omosh is an actor in Tahidi High, his elder brother started his acting career in Junction Junior and his aunt is an actress.
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Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mpasho.co.ke, Baha showered his uncle with love. He said,

 My uncle Omosh advised me when I was starting out in the industry. Other than being an uncle, he’s caring and loving.

Baha’s mother passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cancer. He said

Losing parents at a young age made me mature very first and see life differently. I just thank God for everything because you never know who I would have grown into. I was definitely a mama’s boy and all that changed when she passed.

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The 19-year-old actor who Joined Machachari at the age of seven, said life became tough after losing his mother.

Maisha ilinionesha ugumu ingine na nikakauka nayo and turned out to be a better person, a tough one and maybe that was God’s plan for me.

He added

I miss my mother’s food especially mandazi. She used to cook sweet mandazis and packed for us to eat in school. I wish i knew the recipe she used.

Baha and Govi used to act as brothers in the kids’ show and he said that their relationship is more than just friends.

Govi is my second brother and understands me as my blood bro do. wE DIDN’T MEET AT MACHACHARI, we met at Makutano Junction before we joined Machachari. we get along and can’t be separated.

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