On Friday, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu was shipped off to Manyani Maximum Security Prison after he was caught with contraband at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

This is the worst ever prison to be sent to.

It housed the Mau Mau during the colonial era and was used to teach political detainees a lesson they will never forget.

Life in this prison is bleak.

There are no beddings assigned to prisoners, they sleep on the bare floor and if you are lucky you get some beddings to keep you warm at night.

Pray for her! Mama Baha is hospitalised

Prisoner’s hang their belongings on the wall. There is no beddings

From photos seen by Mpasho, the prisoner’s hang their belonging precariously over their head above the space that they sleep.

Prisoner’s spend a few hours outside on the yard

Prisoners are allowed outside for a few hours each day. The yard is a barren field of red soil. Most of the surrounding is an open breeding ground for pest infestation.

Photos of the hard life Jowie will experience inside Manyani Prison

Manyani prison latrines

Then there is their latrine that exposes prisoners to the dangers of a disease outbreak.

A sufuria in Manyani prison
A sufuria in Manyani prison

As for the kitchen, the sufuria (cooking pot) has a gaping hole in the middle,  they are barely usable. The cook repaired that by cutting up and iron sheet and used it to cover the gaping hole.

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