University of Nairobi lecturer Hannah Khagulani Inyama is currently in police custody after she was arrested after she was found living with the decomposing body of her son.

Emmanuel Inyama died on Saturday and was kept in the house for close to six days before the caretaker called the police.

The residents of Kifaru Front Apartments claimed that Hannah was behaving in a very strange way.

At one point, there was a lot of praise and jubilation coming from her apartment around the time period when Emmanuel was lying dead on the sitting room floor.

How I discovered the decomposing body of UON lecturer’s dead son – caretaker

The caretaker claims that Emanuel’s body was lying on the floor with flies swarming around him.

“Alikuwa mtu wa kusalimia watu na kuishi vizuri na watu na hata huyo mtoto wake alikuwa anachezanga hapa na baiskeli (She was a good and polite neighbour even the child was jovial and used to ride his bike here in the estate), Stephen Mwangi the caretaker told the media. 

UON lecturer Hannah Inyama kept dead son in the house praying for his resurrection

Here are photos of Hannah and her son Emmanuel during happier times.

Hannah Inyama
Hannah Inyama

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