Prezzo’s hitlist seems to be growing in number. And Luwi might very well find himself on the receiving end.

The Nairobi D cast member has been getting cosy with Prezzo’s ex and Lord knows Prezzo hates it when other boys play with his toys. Though seeing how hot Michelle Yola is, I can’t really blame him, I wouldnae mind a chance to shoot my shot at her.

Michelle Yola

Though I find that my biological constitution is averse to getting directly involved in drama. That said, the two (Yola and Luwi) were spotted getting cosy and given that Luwi has a gigolo feel about him, I am pretty confident he can get the fine lass should he have a mind to.

Yola and Luwi

And I wonder what Pendo will have to say about the entire affair -and why does it feel like the Nairobi D cast are on a sex carousel? Or maybe they’re just passionate about recycling.