A month ago, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru was discharged from Aga Khan hospital were she was admitted in ICU after testing positive for the coronavirus.

On the day she was discharged Bishop  Wanjiru told her supporters and members of the fourth estate who were assembled outside the hospital that she is happy to be healthy.

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She was admitted earlier for a different ailment but was advised to test for COVID-19 just incase.

“I immediately came to the hospital where I was tested and put on the ventilator. It is the quick response that saved my life.”

After being treated and tested twice she was declared coronavirus free.

“I have received very good treatment from the doctors here and I’m grateful that I am well now,” she told her congregants and the media outside Aga Khan Hospital.

Now, she has posted photos of her going about her life after surviving the deadly virus.

In a recent tweets she wrote,

She has been posting preaching sessions for her congregants as well to nourish their spiritual lives.

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The Bishop also posted photos of her looking hale and healthy.

Check them out.

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