Fareed Khimani

Media personality Fareed Khimani revealed his struggle with cocaine addiction in an online talk show called Engage Talk.

He narrated how he got hooked on drugs since his days of University in Florida. His side hustle was being a barman.

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Fareed kimani was looking daper

Fareed said,

“When I graduated college, I moved to a very high-end bar in Atlanta…I was very good, I was in control, I had all the power behind the bar and even made a name for myself on the bar scene. But that’s also where I discovered cocaine. Not to party, not a drug to enjoy but a drug to cope. Cocaine helped me to get through long nights at work…I made a ton of money and I really enjoyed it.”


“It was one of the most enjoyable jobs I had but also a job that was putting me on a path of self-destruction.”

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The habit follow him back to Kenyan when he got a jot at a radio station in 2000.

“Radio presenters in those days, we never paid for drinks, we were invited to the best parties and exposed to the best drugs.”

This lead to Fareed’s downward spiral.

“I stopped working hard, I stooped being able to follow through, I couldn’t take myself to places and I couldn’t go to meetings. It was depression mixed with substance abuse and it was all falling apart,” he said.

He lost his young family after his wife left him.

His tint in rehab paid off eventually and he has been clean for a couple of years now.

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