Cheating wife

A heartbroken young woman has shared a sad story about a man she loved so much.

This woman says she was dating this man who promised her everything and at a point, she was sure they were going to get married soon.

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But she has found out that the man is in love with someone else and even walked down the aisle with her.

Today is the wedding of the man I thought was mine, the man I felt was my everything. Today he married the girl he said was not his type, the girl he swore he was not dating. I know I will be fine though but it’s painful. I know I will survive.


Her story has gone viral and below are some of the comments from social media users:

olori_laafin: Heartbreak is the new cancer

_chimzi: Sending much love and lots of light your way❤️❤️❤️

letiletoya: Don’t worry dear…God has planned something good for you. Forget that thing. You will be alright.

juliaasweets: So sorry darling, you will get through this, what didn’t kill you will make you stronger. Don’t give up on yourself, yours will come soon, and believe it, you will look back to this day and laugh and thank God for this disappointment.

deriela: Mine told me d gal was his Cousin but to my greatest surprise he got married to her,if I can survive DAT shit,you can dis baby…its well

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ninarae: Just a simple advice ‘when falling in love next time use your head and not ur heart ‘

jadedstones: You will be fine dear. God has someone better… Our thoughts are not His thoughts….stay strong darling you are not alone ♥
monalisabarbrah: Evil men do 😩

mario: I feel your pain. It shall pass.

nwaoguemmanuel: You will be fine.. Pain did not kill me when my ex who swore to end up with me left me.. She is married now.. Move on.. Life is harsh
miss_faithkafy: Players everywhere. Male and female.

victoriaukachi: You will be fine dear, no girl deserves such a wicked man

mz_jaynom: This is so sad…..Don’t worry dear. Your prince charming will come and he will make you so happy, You will be glad things didn’t work out between you and this one….Be strong darling, You deserve the best! God will do it at the right time….💕💕💕