DJ Gee Gee is a gospel deejay on Citizen TV’s Bambika Sunday show. He and his wife, Jasmine Macharia, have been sharing some public display of affection and in a recent photo, the couple was kissing.
dj gee gee

The two have one child, Uriah.

Jasmine seems not to mind about this thing called social distancing. She wrote;

Social distancing for who!
Lord have mercy. Uriah doesn’t need a sibling this soon 

In response to his wife’s post, Gee Gee was sure that in this season, they were going to make another baby.

I think he does 😂😂 let’s gerrit

The two have been together for seven years and Jasmine remembers the day they went on a date;

We had been talking for 2 months prior to this day. Hubby had been single for 5 years+ and I had been single for 2. We were both on the same page. We didn’t want to lead each other on and we didn’t allow ourselves to flirt without being sure this was what God had for us.

I remember going to God in Prayer in that season and saying “God me and you are good! Like even if it gets lonely sometimes You are enough for me, and I really don’t want to enter into the wrong relationship, if he’s not my husband, just remove him from my life.

Even as much as I like him, cause I just don’t want to waste any more time.” God is so faithful y’all! Gg was praying and fasting on his end asking God for the same direction. 

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