Letoya Johnstone

Kenyan model Letoya Johnstone has advised Middle class Kenyans to be humble and avoid the mentality of looking down on others.

According to Letoya, most middle-class Kenyans have a way of making other’s feel choked through their behaviour which some might find as arrogance and pride.

Through her social media, she penned.

‘I have sat on the front rows at fashion shows. Styled Billionaires and dined with them. I have been in houses that are made of iron sheets, mad, polythene papers and I have also been to, and slept inside mansions.

One thing that stood out was this, at places where class was, no one forced class. In fact, no one reminds you of class. You will just see those who became the class that they have.

Those who are poor don’t ever say that they are poor. In fact they don’t even get bothered by it.’

But then there are some middle class people 🤣 Trust me, some of us can’t breathe. Be humble when you are still paying rent !.

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She further added that one does not have to constantly about their ‘achievements’ for people to notice them.

Moral of the story is, ” when it gets dark, everyone says that they are going home. ” 🤣

Runda people don’t say, ” Hey, I am going to Runda. ” nor the Korogocho person say, ” I am going to Korogocho.”

THE TRUTH is a vital thing. Don’t lie too much until when the truth is out you would wish you deleted your account.”

The world is watching you!.

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