Comedian-cum-radio presenter Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o is never afraid of speaking out his mind.

If he’s not advising Kenyan artistes on how to up their game, he’s busy advising people on life matters.

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Jalang’o has this time talked about fakeness, and in a video that has left many giving him a pat on the back, he advised people not to call everyone a friend.

The funnyman says everyone is your friend or close relative until you’re in need. The fake ones will always be exposed.

In the video he said:

Do not call people your true friends, best friends, neighbors or colleagues. Let your hard times introduce your true friends, true neighbors, true colleagues, and true relatives.

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Jalang’o’s sentiments were echoed by many and below are the reactions:

Otieno_jay 👏👏👏well put neighbour. Sad we live in the same villa na we have never talked or exchanged pleasantries😢

Dawood Kamau Am an eye witness, to being abandoned by people I thought they were my friends
Jaredtaller What more can I say?

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Janbkiwia Damn, real talk brother….kweli kabisa

Hubbeatnairobi Spot On. Been in tough times and all those whom I considered my true friends and neighbours etc vanished. Reappeared when I started looking like new money. #OnlyGod 🙏🏽

Harrisonmwamburi Strong word’s heavy j baba and that is the bitter truth

Gladys Very true… I have always been there for people but they fail me 99%. It is a lesson I learnt the hard way

Dorahokoth I know better now🙌……real talk!

Mwaudaamir Sorry ts true what you have said til mashida zikubane ndio utajuwa

Zebby Kiarie For the first time I agree with you

Felix Abuya Jalas you were given brain to say all the truth out

Christine Matunda Very true Jalas

Rachel Anyango Thanks Jalas, I experienced dat, al never do dat again

Beverly Khaemba Well put jalas

Malkia Vivian This one had sank deeper

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Matayowilliam Hapo umeongea Babaa.
Mercy Laboso Perfect sense
Nyoish ukweli mtupu 100%
Eliud Ngetich Lots of sense!
Achy_brey Real talk
Mukana Word 💪💯
Gee Wisdom!