Arrow Bwoy is making headlines with his new hit Love Doctor, one that he has collaborated with Jamaican Star Demarco.

Well, it seems that the talented artiste Bwoy has answered fans’ prayers of playing dope music, and what is evident in the lyrics is the Swahili Demarco has sang.

Yes, he decided to be a bit adventurous.

The song’s video which is definitely a new club banger has already amassed 11,000 views on Youtube and continues to receive raving reviews from Kenyans.

Demarco joins in the second verse where he serenades a lady with well executed Swahili vibes and you can’t help but sing along!

Arrow Bwoy

Below are some of his notable lines.

Nataka uwe wangu

wewe ndio kila kitu changu

sing dis for you baby girl wine pon dis song,

Nakupenda we never do you wrong nuh

wewe ndio mwenyewe

Check it out: