Willis Raburu’s estranged wife Marya Prude has commented on his new hairstyle.

Raburu’s new hairstyle elicited mixed reactions with many criticising him.

Willis Raburu

Timo947 wrote,

 How old is this guy again? Midlife crisis imeanza nini? Sai unacompete na 16 year olds… isorait sasa konda kidogo at least.

Another Instagram user Brayo_204 wrote, ‘Siulizi kwa ubaya lakini Willis ndio unaanza ujana ama unarudia ujana.’

Another user Mike Arap Chito posted,

‘Truth be told, you look horrible in that weave.’

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Well, some trolls went too far and tagged Mary on Raburu’s photos and responding to them, she advised them not to mind other people’s business.

‘Thanks to everyone that tagged me. But hey! Let everyone live their best life. Ifyouknowyouknow,’ she posted.

Mary and her ex-husband parted ways early this year after losing their child in December 2019. The once-upon-a-time power couple seems to have moved on but none of them is yet to speak on what led to their failed marriage.

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