Coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc in many sectors but the most affected one is that of sponsors and side chicks.

As you all know such relationships thrive only when both people have to gain from each other.

Due to curfews and the current partial lock down, some sponsors will not be spending as much time as they did with their side chicks.

Here are lessons such ladies should learn.

1- A married man is and will NEVER be yours

He might spend money on you, take you out for vacations, call you sweet names but truth is he is not yours.

That has been proven during this quarantine period.

As you are indoors alone he is busy at home with his wife and kids. He chose them and not you.

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2- learn to work for your money

Everyone is complaining about how bad business is at the moment.

Most sponsors run their own businesses, so what makes you think they will splash money on you during these difficult times?

If you worked like other people do, maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about bills.

3- You are a slave in love

You can no longer call your bae whenever you want not see him whenever you want.

He is with his family and you are just an object of his pleasure.

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The beauty of dating someone single is that you can call them anytime you want.

Unlike some sponsors who dictate your life as if they own you.

By the end of quarantine relationship nyingi zitavunjika.

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