Diamond Platnumz father
Diamond Platnumz father

Mzee Adbul Juma is Diamond Platnumz’s father. He was absent in Diamond’s life for the better part of his life from his teenage years to a few months back when they reunited during an interview on Wasafi radio.

Here is where they patched things up and were seen dancing together for the first time in public.

Well, Baba Diamond in an interview with a Tanzanian blog called SNS has advised some dads to stop being deadbeats.

He said,

when parents separate, make sure your kids are not on one side, that they are being fed information about you by the other party. So, when these kids grow up and even become stars (Like his son Diamond Platnumz) things will be said about you, when you want to go back to them.


People will think that you didn’t help the child and that now you want to go back to them because they have made it. 


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Baba Diamond now sells shoes, a business which was started by his daughter who lives in the UK. He says Diamond is slowly helping.

‘But what do people want me to do? Diamond was very close with his mother when growing up. His mother is already married to another man. But the small help he gives, I appreciate.  He will get more wealth and he will also remember me. Things like cars are not important to me right now, let him first take care of his mother.’

Diamond's father