Lesbians in court
Lesbians in court

Homosexuality is a hot button topic that is capturing the nation at the moment. The reason for this is that the court was to rule on Friday on decriminalising homosexuality.

However, the ruling was postponed to May 24 over challenges with the bench of judges.

Justice Chacha Mwita, who addressed the court on Friday,on gay rights was been said the judges have had challenges in writing the ruling.

The gay rights activists in court
Gay rights activists in court

“You may not like the news I have today. We are still working. One of our colleagues is still on leave. We ask you to give us up to May,” he said.

The challenges involve the huge volumes of files that were sent on hard copies instead of soft copies by the parties.

Mwita apologised on behalf of the three-judge bench. He said most of the judges were in other benches so getting them together has been a hard task.

He noted that the only time they can meet is from April.

There was a quiet air of excitement at the offices of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, as the countdown draws closer to Friday when a much-awaited ruling by Kenya’s High Court could make history.

The charity has fought hundreds of cases of abuse against sexual minorities in Kenya’s courts, but the verdict on whether to scrap British colonial-era laws criminalising gay sex is undoubtedly their most eagerly anticipated case.

A lesbian couple was present at the ruling to hear the landmark ruling. The two smiled and held hands at the court precincts. Their photos are below:

Lesbians in court
Lesbians in court
Lesbians in court

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