Tanzanian actor Patrick Kanumba has left many shedding tears after he shared an emotional message on the late veteran actor Steve Kanumba.

Patrick Kanumba

Patrick, is among the lucky few, who had a chance to feature in movies alongside Kanumba, before he passed away in 2012. Steve Kanumba was a mentor to many and Patrick, who acted in the famous Bongo movie Uncle JJ has always regarded the late, as a father. He held his hand through the entertainment industry.

Steve Kanumba

Kanumba died in 2012 at the age of 28, for which actress Elizabeth Michael was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced two years in prison in November 2017.

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Well, Patrick recently penned an emotional message to Steve Kanumba, which read:

“Tbt with my dady nitakukumbuka daima ulikua wamuhimu katka maisha yngu leo hii nicngekua mackini kama hivi nilivo allah akupunguzie adhabu ya kaburi.”

Reactions include:

Njeriirungu: Pole Kaka, na mola azidi kumlaza mahali pema peponi.

Sammie: His legacy stil shine.. Alwaiy abide by his teaching .. Patriki

Beijinyoiks: Use what he left to get what you want…its every father’s wish and prayer for them to be the best.

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 Here’s the screenshot
Steve Kanumba