Akothee aka Madam boss

Singer Akothee has come out to respond to her critics.

The sassy singer, who caused a stir online after her ‘indecent’ photos from a weekend event went viral, has clapped back at haters.


Many criticized Akothee claiming she was a bad role model to the younger generation. Some of the comments included:

Nyar Maragoli: I dare say, Akothee is a disgrace to womanhood and motherhood! Nothing about that lady is inspiring and no young woman ought to grow in such hands! The people I feel sorry for are her daughters!

Miguna Mikono: Akothee does not have a problem. The real problem is that Kenyans celebrate mediocrity. If we stop celebrating mediocrity, artists will naturally evolve. Look, this is a country where speaking like Kibaki is considered an exceptional talent in comedy, that’s how mediocre we are.

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Well, in an exclusive interview with Radio Jambo, Akothee said:

Legs are there to be opened and I opened them on stage where is the problem? I get paid for that. I am actually banking the money I made over the weekend.

She went ahead to tell the government to concentrate on nurturing talent. She said:

Kenya has got talent. past that is noise. the government should nature talent and promote artistes. I am not a role model for anyone. is government paying me to be a role model? no. my mother is a role model and she is not opening her legs on stage she was a teacher and I am not.

If the government wants me to be a role model let them pay me. I built this brand for myself and that ‘s how I get to pay my children’s bills. 

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers also told off those claiming she was a poor role model.

Anyone who feels I am a disgrace should call police to arrest me. Where is dirty in that music. That was not for them, I was paid to do that and in euros. Anyone who feels offended should sermon me in court.

I’ve made money and now my parents are here on holiday. I am not responsible for anyone’s child. They follow me at their own risk.

She added:

I am not going to stop opening my legs anytime soon as long as it is paying my bills.

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