Tedd Josiah

Tedd Josiah has taken up the role of being a single father very well.

He has been the voice of the voiceless single fathers and a teacher to them too. If you follow him on social media, you will learn that yes it is hard being a single father but there are ways around it.

Tedd Josiah, wife and daughter
Tedd Josiah, wife and daughter. photo credit: Mpasho

Tedd Josiah loves his baby Jay so much he refers to her as Her Royal Princess right after his late wife who was his queen and he is the king.

His recent concern, being a parent to a young baby, is the price of formula and pampers.

Tedd Josiah and daughter
Tedd Josiah and daughter. photo credit: Instagram/Tedd Josiah

Tedd breaks it down.

Well, at one point a mother needs to leave her baby and go to work but the baby still needs to eat.

Sometimes a mother can not produce milk which is normal so they opt for formula. The worst part about this is that it is very expensive.

Your child might be lactose intolerant and so cow milk may not work for him/her. This is not the only struggle parents go through. Diapers are also very expensive. Considering the fact that a baby may use almost 5 in a day, is a serious expense.

Tedd Josiah

With all that said, Tedd Josiah’s point was that the women, we as Kenyans fought to have in parliament, should be at the forefront.

Women understand more about this topic and so they should be there to represent the children and parents.

 “and importation costs.”

After this comment, Tedd was clear that this does not mean they should compromise on quality.

Eventually, the baby’s nether regions will be affected and we do not want that. All he wants is less tax on such commodities.

Tedd Josiah and daughter
Tedd Josiah and daughter. photo credit: Instagram/Tedd Josiah

Grace Msaalame also gave her two cents on the comment section seeing as she is a mother.

Her situation was even more expensive because she has twin girls. The only way she survived was because she bought diapers in bulk but from abroad where they were way cheaper.

“Good job @teddjosiah 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I still remember the cans of formula & packs of Diapers we consumed when my twins were younger🙆🏾‍♀️ felt like all my money went to milk & diapers! I eventually ended up buying Diapers abroad in bulk because I would get them for way cheaper & better quality which🤷🏾‍♀️ can’t continue to be our reality! And like you said what happens to those who can’t afford good quality Diapers & formula? I know kiosks stock smaller pack Diapers but not sure about the cost, but that said- this conversation is indeed necessary & it’s taken for a man to experience this to highlight the intensity of it all! I think sometimes as women or at least for me, we just take it all us part of the journey! but thank you for reminding me today that it’s necessary to try make a change if we can even if it’s by starting a conversation.”

Grace Msalame twins

Basically, women in parliament should do something about the expense of raising children. This should also apply to sanitary towels which has been a concern for very many years.

Celebrities such as King Kaka and Janet Mbugua have even taken up the role of helping young girls access them easily.

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