Size 8

Gospel artiste Size 8 has for the first time opened up on how she suffered from minor strokes and convulsions during her second pregnancy.

Speaking in a YouTube video dubbed ‘The Journey’,  Size 8 who recently welcomed her second child said,

“I panicked a lot and asked my husband,the other pregnancy miscarried what if this also terminates?

So we rushed to the hospital and I was given some medication and then doctor Thuo asked that i take it slow.

Three weeks after that I got a very major pressure attack.

After a few weeks the pressure went down a bit but after that I started feeling some weird pains in my uterus.”

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Size 8 baby shower

Having suffered a miscarriage before, Size 8 was worried and in a state of panic.. but as they say ‘Mungu hamuachi mja wake’.

“So I went to the hospital and wondered kwani I was having a miscarriage, after some tests they found out that I had fibroids.

I was very devastated.

However DR Thuo told me that the fibroids would only cause some contractions but they would not affect the baby.

According to him if the baby had survived all this time with the fibroids there he/she would have survived till delivery,”

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What Size 8 did not know is that things were only going to get worse.

‘After the doctors found out that I had fibroids my blood pressure started going up, I started feeling dizzy,headaches ,I felt like air was not getting into my head.

A some point I also started getting convulsions,I also started experiencing minor strokes where my left side was completely paralyzed.’

Size 8
Size 8

Doctors later ordered she undergoes an MRI to help identify the problem.

“I underwent an MRI scan and I was then rushed to a heart physician. I would then go back for check ups after every few days.

Finally I got a clean bill of health,”

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