Sarova Hotels family accident
Sarova Hotels family accident

Sarova Hotels chairman Mohinder Vohra Singh, his wife Swaran Kaur Vohra, daughter Reena Kaur Vohra, and daughter-in-law Mrs. Atu Vohra, perished in a grisly road accident on Sunday along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway.

Sarova Hotels family Mohinder Vohra
Death and funeral announcement of Sarova Hotels chairman Mohinder Vohra and his family

They were traveling back to Nairobi after spending three days at the Makindu temple, where they held prayers for their son Jaideep Vohra, who passed away last year in a road accident. Jaideep’s vehicle rolled near Amboseli Lodge as he drove to watch the East African Safari Classic Rally.

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Vohra’s grandson,  19-year-old Saveer, who was behind the steering wheel suffered minor injuries and was flown to the Aga Khan hospital, where he was treated and discharged on Monday.

The bodies of Mohinder Vohra, his wife Swarna, daughter Reena and daughter-in-law Atu are at the Lee Funeral Home and will be cremated on Thursday at the Hindu crematorium at Kariokor.

Jimi Kariuki the Managing Director (MD) of Sarova Hotels, on behalf of the company, shared a touching message of condolences which read;

We are very saddened by the loss of one of our co-founders Mr. Vohra, who was one of our board of our directors and also his wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law.

His daughter-in-law was also a member of our board of directors and this was a tragic accident which has been a big shock to all of us.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Vohra family.

He went on to say;

The demise of our two board members is a tremendous loss to the Sarova family. will continue to go from strength to strength.

Check out photos from the accident scene

Vohra's family accident

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In an interview with Citizen TV, Makindu Temple manager Amardip Singh narrated how the family left in high spirits.

They left happily. While on their way before the accident occurred, Mr. Vohra called me for official work. Just after half an hour, I got a call from someone that he was no more. He was generous and a kind person. His death is a major blow. It’s a big loss to us.

On Saturday, the family visited children’s home near the temple to donate foodstuffs, toiletries, clothes, footwear among other items.