If you have been to any of the local universities in Kenya, then you know this is quite the topic of conversation. To say it doesn’t happen would be more than naive, it would be deceitful. 

But I am quite surprised to see that it is a problem that is endemic to Africa. You see, a Nigerian lecturer accused of demanding for sex from a female student has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Madness meme lol

Richard Akindele was convicted on Monday after pleading guilty to four charges including sexual coercion of a student and demanding gratification from a student, CNN reported.

In earlier court appearances at the Federal High Court in Osogbo, Akindele pleaded not guilty to the charges but changed the tune during his third appearance on Monday.

The female student, Monica Osagie had gathered evidence against the lecturer by recording a phone conversation they had.

Akindele was fired by Obafemi Awolowo University for sexual misconduct one month after the story blew and the Nigerian Senate launched an investigation into the issue of sexual harassment in universities.