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BBC presenter Anne Ngugi’s firstborn daughter Angel won The Voice Achievers Award, which was held in Nairobi recently.

Angel, who was born with a birth defect called congenital hydrocephalus (the buildup of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain at birth), has never let that deter her from following her dreams.

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 The teenager has accepted herself and while addressing those who attended the event, she confidently and eloquently spoke about her lie journey.

I don’t know what to say. This award means a lot to me. I’m grateful to be one of the persons receiving this award. It has proved to me and to the world that despite your challenges you can make it,’ she said as people clapped.

anne ngugi

Angel went ahead to encourage people living with a disability not to look at it as a punishment but be happy.

15 years ago my mum told me that I could use music to inspire other people and tap into my God-given talent. I didn’t take it for granted that I am here today and so I’m encouraging each and every one of you to accept yourself just the way you are because if you don’t accept yourself who will accept you? It has to start with you yourself,’ she said,

After her speech, the Standard eight candidate performed her song Tuko sawa.

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Her mother Anne shared the video accompanied by a strong message, which read,

Angels Acceptance Speech was Amazing A strong girl she is! A game-changer in her Generation! A walking Miracle of Christ healing power!

Many were inspired by Angel’s powerful message and reactions include;

makenamuhia 👏 God bless the mom …only a strong woman rooted in Christ can nurture such great girl.see she us shining

bintmashy 😊😊😊 I’m just smiling ear to ear! Wow!! Good job Anne, she’s a reflection of you ❤️ and she speaks so well!!

itsjudiewambua Congratulations to you and her. You make a great team

bintmashy 😊😊😊 I’m just smiling ear to ear! Wow!! Good job Anne, she’s a reflection of you ❤️ and she speaks so well!!

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cheriesoptics Awwwwwwww she’s so eloquent…each time I see a video of Angel I literally see God’s hand ever present In her life
Congrats once again 🤗🤗🤗

triza_kings It has taken the mighty man of in tears. Amegrow;woi nazeeka

The Voice Achievers Award is one of the biggest African social events in Central Europe, dedicated to appreciating dedication and contribution of daughters, sons, and friends of Africa who, through their activities, have impacted positively on the lives of Africans.