A video showing Visita hurling insults at three Kenyan artistes has emerged online. In it, the former Grandpa Records producer and artiste is filmed lecturing the three artistes on how the industry runs. At the end of the video, he flips them off and curses at them.

Called for comment, Visita told The Star’s Word Is, “I cannot deny that, that video is not there, but it is clear that someone is ready to sabotage me.”

The Mapepo hitmaker added, “There was a time we were in Nakuru, it was one of those moments you are just with your boys and you just do stuff.”

So, do you regret recording it because at the moment you are working with Kenrazy?

“I don’t regret recording the video because if it was something I was meant to do i would say I regret it. But it was a moment. I will not regret it because the video was shot like how many months ago? And now we are far away [from those issues and that time] and it seems like someone is trying to drag us behind.”

Listen to the audio below

Visita added, “A video like that, to some people, they may seem like you know… but at the end of the day I was being real with myself. It was something that was meant for that moment, so I did not mean like I’m actually insulting people and stuff like that. It wasn’t like I was mad at somebody but even if the video comes out, it won’t bother me. I had no bad intentions.”

Adding he has an idea who may have leaked the video.

Visita says he is working on “solo projects. For a while now, I have been rapping but I want to go back to singing. And whoever is leaking this video is actually doing me a favour.”

Watch the video here.