Benson Masubo Chacha

Benson Chacha Wasila a.k.a Wazir Chacha is being sought by police as a main suspect in cases where parliamentarians claim they have been extorted, hounded by nudes and female MPs, indecently propositioned.

All this was an extortion scheme and a big pay out for Chacha. According to documents seen by, speaker Justin Muturi sent him Ksh 300,000. Other waheshimiwas who got conned too include Sicily Kariuki, Eugene Wamalwa and Peter Munya.

So far, Chacha is in the wind. Nowhere to be found.

On Valentine’s Day he exposed his ‘relationship’ with former Bomet County Woman Representative, Dr Cecilia Ng’etich.

He claims he fell in love with 54-year old ex-MP Ng’etich only to be left bruised, cold and lonely on Valentine’s Day.

“She dumped me on Valentine’s Day. I was to accompany her to South Africa on that day, only for her to tell me that the relationship was over,” he says.

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Using the ID details of Muranga woman representative, Sabina Chege, he registered a fake MPesa account to extort.

Meanwhile he was using the phone number to sext female MPs. At the moment only 6 have been brave enough to expose him.

They are Sabina Chege, former nominated senator Joy Gwendo, Alice Wahome, Falhada Dekow Iman and Joyce Lay.

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Benson Masubo ChachaHere are some of the leaked SMSes…

Conversation between Chacha and Joy Gwendo.

Chacha: Hallo Mheshimiwa?

Joy: Who is this?

Chacha: Wazir Chacha…former executive assistant to Hon Anne Waiguru. We met in a conference.

Joy: Oh. I don’t remember but nevertheless. Sema.

Chacha: How is life? Well, I’m just checking on mu crush.

Joy: Crush? I barely know you. Anyway am good. Have a blessed week.

Chacha: Mmh…yeah secret admirer…but it’s long or if you don’t mind I can refresh your memory…

This same conversation was repeated to all the female MPs who them treated him as a joke and ignored him.

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