Some people are just crazy. They will do anything, whether good or bad, without caring about the consequences. A leaked intimate WhatsApp conversation between a Kenyan man who had wild sex with his aunt has surfaced. The conversation has shocked many. Where does one get the guts to start such conversations? Your blood aunt, for heaven’s sake! The end times seem to be here with us.

DUNIA IMEPASUKA MSAMBA! Old Woman Caught On Camera Being ‘Drilled’ By Her Grandson (EXPLICIT PHOTOS)

From people sleeping with animals, to raping their own children and even having sex with their parents, we need a Messiah to save us. Incest has been a taboo, especially in the African traditional society, but nowadays, it’s no longer so. The rate at which some people are engaging in incest is alarming.

Well, in the leaked WhatsApp conversation of a Kenyan man only identified as Martine and his aunt Winny, the two seem to be so in love and have been having sex for quite a while.

The shameful man starts the conversation by asking his aunt when he is going to taste her honeypot.

“Umekataa kunilambisha sugar”

The aunt Winny then replies with this message:

“Come nikupe”

The conversation continues and the rest is history.

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