Otile - Caroline

Vera Sidika has found her match and she is none other than Dubai based Instagram queen Caroline Brooks.

The mother of one gave Vera a dose of her own medicine after she referred to her critics as peasants and beggars.

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Caroline went ahead to reveal that Vera broke up with ex-lover because she was toxic.

“your man left because you are toxic and disrespectful. he’s such a nice guy and you never deserved a nice guy and you never deserved him. Don’t worry sweetie. I’ll show him how a real woman treats a man,” she wrote.

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Caroline is planning on coming to the country and has chosen Vera’s ex-lover Otile Brown to perform at her event.

She had a conversation with the Aiyana hit singer and went ham on Vera.

He and I talked about philanthropy and charity and so many wonderful things we would like to do for the Kenyan youth. we wanna pick them up and make them rise not knock them down and call them beggars. His voice is so beautiful I could listen to him sing all day. He’s humble and kind, two things you [Vera] are not. Best decision that man made was leaving you! He and I will do great things together. Enjoy selling your syrups on Instagram,’ she posted.

Otile Brown

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Check out the conversation between Caroline and Otile

Otile Brown
Chat between Otile and Caroline