Fareed Kimani

The audio of an altercation between Amina Abdi Rabar and Fareed Khimani at the Capital Fm studios has leaked.

The two hosts of the station’s breakfast show painted a bad picture on air on Friday morning.

Amina Abdi

It all started with Fareed asking Amina who sounded like she was in a bad mood what was wrong.

It’s from there she started ranting about their differences in salaries.

Amina was heard complaining about Fareed’s salary saying he takes home a huge chunk of money home every end month while she earns ‘little’ yet she has been at the station for long.

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Below is the conversation;

Fareed: Hello, What’s happening with you, what’s going on?

Amina: Nothing

Fareed: What is it?

Amina: Nothing! I’m waiting for you to finish talking so that I speak

Fareed: My God! What’s going on? You were fine what’s happening?

Amina: You know. I just can’t do this.

Fareed: What…

Amina:  You know all week we’ve been talking about this gender pay gap. You’ve been making it like a joke and now I see something in the studio and I’m like why. did you leave this here intentionally?

Fareed What?

Amina: You know what you had left in the studio on my side.

Fareed: An envelope?

Amina: Yes. So it was intentional?

Fareed: No, of course, it wasn’t intentional. Did you open my payslip?

Amina : Yah…

Fareed: So you opened and looked at my salary slip

Amina: I thought it was my envelope because we were handed 2 envelopes yesterday as you saw..you know what Fareed it doesn’t matter. Umenichokesha. Nitakugonga nkt. [i’m fed up with you I’ll hit you] just…

Fareed: It’s not my fault. That’s the offer I got when I came back. We’re looking at experience too.

Amina: it’s not about the experience and we’ve talked about it before. You people think this is a joke. This isn’t a joke. You have been here for less than two months. Just can’t even justify anything and in that time we’ve been sued thrice. I am so mad.

Fareed: You know I can work anywhere. I don’t have to work here with you.

Amina: You can.

Fareed: It’s okay, fine. I don’t need this. You can take over. I don’t need it

Amina: You’re joking

Fareed: Aaah finish the show

Mrs Rabar tried talking to him but Fareed left the studio.

you can go. kwani you think we will die? we didn’t die when you left. kwani you think we’re going to die now? then gooo. we’re going to be fine. idiot. without you,’ she ranted.

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None of the presenters has addressed the issue as well as the company. Some claim that it was a publicity stunt.