Le Band, an all male band that comprises of Fidel, Joel and Ken have made massive strides in their career as artistes.

Fidel, the lead band member took to social media with a rant about one MG, a producer. Fidel said MG is a good producer but lacks professionalism.

During the recording of their hit song, Number 1, MG took them round and round. They paid him as per the agreed amount but it took more than 5 months for the song to be released.

We kept calling and calling he did not pick up and so we decided to shoot the video using a demo just waiting for the song. When I posted my story on social media, many people came out saying he has done the same thing. What he does is ask for money but he does not perform to the expectations as per the deal

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Well other than that, MG is a producer known as a liar. Fidel confesses that he once asked for a song from him and MG told him he is not around that he is in Kisumu. As Fidel was going to school, he met MG in town.

Fidel was too surprised to talk to him he just said “Hi” and walked away. Later on, MG called Fidel and pleaded for forgiveness saying the band should come in for studio time.

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Fidel Eli Shammah Le Band

They went but to their surprise, MG still kept them waiting in the house doing nothing and this was when Fidel’s patience level ran thin. They got into a confrontation and Fidel picked up a microphone stand and hit MG. They fought and eventually, MG sent them half the money they had paid him for studio time and they left his house clear that they will never work with him ever.Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

This account is Le Band’s and we are reaching out to MG the Producer to get his side of events.

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