Size 8 spoke about forgiveness among married couples in her preaching vlog.

 “So when your spouse cheats, remember you cheat on God all the time but God forgives you. So forgive your spouse,” Size 8 says making her thoughts clear about this matter.

The married gospel artiste who has one child with TV host and spin-master DJ MO, is not one to shy away from addressing tough issues.

She handles the issue of cheating in marriage head-on. Like a pro.

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“Maybe you are a wife or a husband and your spouse cheated on you and you are like, ‘Oh God mimi siwezi kucheat, he is horrible or she is horrible’. The only thing that makes you not cheat is grace. So, forgive,” Size 8 said in her vlog.

She added, “In a marriage where there is forgiveness, you enjoy each others. You are also able to capitalize on the good stuff. But kama munaboil na maissues, issues all the time you can never enjoy. Even when the other person is being nice you cannot notice.”

The Mateke star went ahead to preach.

“We wear the righteousness of Christ, so lazima you forgive. And whoever says they cannot forgive, that is a root of pride. Who tells you you cannot do that? The only reason that makes you not do what the other person is doing is the grace of God. It is by Grace we don’t sin. Don’t sit there, ujiangalie [saying] ‘Oh please!!!’.”

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