Prominent Kenyan lawyer Ahmednassir is to be compensated Ksh 750,000 by Kenha after his Bentley windscreen got damaged.

The cash is the cost Ahmednassir incurred in repairing his expensive and luxurious Bentley Bentayga.

The car was damaged in a crash that was blamed on Kenha’s failure to put up proper road signs.

Ahmednassir Bentley

Giving the award on Thursday, magistrate Edwin Mulochi said he found Kenha liable for damage caused to the senior counsel’s car some two years ago.

“The award above amount as special damages clearly restores the plaintiff (the counsel) to the position he was before his car’s windscreen was damaged,” Mulochi said.

He, however, declined to award general damages saying doing so will amount to unjust enrichment.

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Ahmednassir said he had planned to do a road trip with his two daughters to Tanzania before the accident happened. He set out for the trip on the Nairobi-Namanga road on the morning of August 25, 2018.

Five days later on his way back, employees of Kenha who were repairing the road damaged his car windscreen.

The damage was caused by stones and shrapnel emanating from the work that was being undertaken. This, the senior counsel described as negligent on the part of the officials repairing the road.

In his suit papers, the city lawyer said the Kenha employees or agents were reckless in failing to close off the road to members of public while carrying out the works in order to avoid accidents.

Taking to his twitter account, Nassir said he now believes Justice still exists.

‘I have now accepted that there is hope from Kenya judicial system. Now a path has been made to be followed.’

What are your thoughts on the courts rewarding im 750K for compensation?