People who knew Lawrence Warunge from school cannot reconcile the monster being described by police over the gruesome Kiambu murders of five people.

They cannot believe he is the same one who butchered his family and a farmhand in a solo revenge mission.

According to a confession by Lawrence to the police, he killed his family after serious planning using scripts for the BBC TV series Killing Eve.

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A former school mate said,

“That boy was a polite well mannered chap. Hard to tell that he had issues.”

Another one who had spend some time in a volunteer program with Lawrence said,

“This boy who killed the family, apparently when I cleared high school and went to volunteer as a teacher in a certain organisation called PACE International he was part of our team. Was a quiet boy na hakuwa na mambo mingi… Mimi nimestuka yangu yote still can’t believe its him.”

The official page of the organisation, pacemakerinternational, lauds Lawrence as a model student.

They wrote back in March 2017,

“He is enthusiastic, a critical thinker and a creative. Meet Lawrence. This Pioneer Secondary School alumnus is inspired by stories of men and women who have surmounted great odds to make a life for themselves and the society they interact with.”

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They continued,

“His love for service, and education excellence in the lives of the young is the reason he joined PACE. With great appreciation from the teachers at ACK Karura Primary, this gentleman is set to leave a mark before he sets outs to pursue his other passion: Computer Programming.”

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