Comedian Kasee gave very few interviews during his life time.

Little is known about him and his life.

However, the comedian documented some of it on his social media.

Medics cannot confirm if Othuol Othuol has a tumour or not!

In a past social media post, Kasee was all about securing the bag.

He wrote,

“The thought running through my mind.
Trying to secure them bags.”

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In another post he said he is not mentally ill.

“Mnasema kasee needs mental help.. Wajinga nyinyi #King kaka milele.”

Details of comedian Kasee’s postmortem paid for by MC Jessy

Check out the video below.

In another post, Kasee revealed he has done the best he can do in this world. And he is “alright” with that.

“I showed more love than I ever got back and it is  alright with me.”

He shared this photo,

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Check out photos of comedian Kasee during happier times.

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