Boniface Mwangi is probably the most vocal activist we have in Kenya.

He calls a spade a spade. If a leader does not conform to the rules of the nation then Boniface Mwangi is likely to call you out bila aibu.

Mohammed Ali is not making Boniface happy. Mohamed was a journalist back in the day. He was well known for his role on Jicho Pevu where he uncovered a lot of secrets Kenyans were not aware of.

One of the most memorable ones was the Kanyari story. He went chini ya maji alongside John Allan Namu who was his partner and uncovered the sordid saga.

Kanyari used to ask his followers to send him 310 so that they could receive blessings through prayers. This was a scam that was brought to light that left Kenyan’s shocked.

When Mohamed ran for MP in Nyali, people could relate with him and his struggle to make Kenya a better country. He won the seat after a hard-fought election.

Recently the MP was spoke to a crowd and told them he was ready for 2022. Many people have been complaining that people in the government are not working but are busy campaigning for 2022.


This made Boniface Mwangi unhappy. He took to social media with a post calling him his last hope in parliament. He addressed him as his long-time friend and gave him a piece of his mind.

Kwani ni jaji? Boniface Mwangi will celebrate his 35th birthday in the supreme court

All he wants is Mohamed Ali to stay true to his word, telling him its not too late. He wrote:

As someone who has known @mohajichopevu as a friend, comrade for over 10 years am extremely disappointed by his behavior as an MP. He has four more years to go and l pray that he doesn’t forget why he was elected by the people of Nyali. He was our last hope in parliament. ‬ Am calling out Moha as his friend because he deserves to hear from those who love him. Moha, it’s never too late to go back to what inspired you to run for office, you ran to be the voice of the people and to speak truth to power. Stay true!

Ali is among a group of young men who left their normal day jobs to join politics. Jaguar the current Starehe MP was an artist before he became a politician. Chipukeezy who was recently appointed as a director at NACADA, started out as a comedian.

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