Isaiah Khaemba
Isaiah Khaemba

Isaiah Khaemba has been identified as the police officer who committed suicide by shooting himself at a camp in Garissa Town.

The officer used his official gun to shoot himself in the mouth and died on the spot on Tuesday.

According to his colleagues, the officer was under stress after serving in the region for three years and instead of being transferred to a better place he was transferred to Ijara AP camp.

“He was moved to near a post that was attacked by Al-shabaab late last year. He was stressed and left a note to show he was not happy,” said a colleague.

One of his colleagues, Isaac Lemiso, also posted on Facebook, “On April 1, 2018, he said he is about to make the last decision but rather I advised him not to make decisions while angry but its unfortunate that he shot himself on the head and he is no more.”

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Isaiah Khaemba
Isaiah Khaemba

Adding, “I remember on 27 April, 2011 at 6am we were together at Kanduyi Stadium asking to be enlisted in the service by good luck God saw us through together with Joy Khaemba, Philip Mumelo, Edwin Musungu, Readon Barasa, Ken Wenger Makokha, Amos and Zaituni were successfully enlisted, on 9th May 2011 we joined AP College Embakasi where we went through a 15 months vigorous training.

Lemiso continued, “I thought this was the right time to enjoy life and assist your parents since they are ageing, oooh!!! My friend you have embarrassed us, you have gone too soon and we shall miss you RIP.”

The body of Issac Khaemba was moved to a mortuary ahead of its transfer to Nairobi.

Isaiah Khaemba
Isaiah Khaemba

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North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh said investigations had been launched into the incident.

This is the latest incident involving police in a series that have been reported of late. Police say such cases are on the rise due to stress in the service.

Police officers’ relationships with their families, their colleagues and seniors among other issues have been identified as some of the causes of such incidents.

Isaac wrote a disturbing message on April 1 of this year that could point to his state of mind.

“jz disturbed bt about 2 mek mah last decision,” Isaiah wrote.

This was followed by two posts on May 15, 2018 at 2:55 am and 3:15am.

They read: “Alfajiri imefka, anga yang’aa…matatizo matatizo. Yatakwisha lini?”

Adding, “When will diplomacy start in da service coz some actions are just stupid and awkward. I really hate nonesense.”

Check the screenshots.

Isaiah Khaemba
Isaiah Khaemba’s last Facebook post
Isaiah Khaemba
Isaiah Khaemba’s last Facebook post

One of his pal, Jaymo Githinji was shocked and filled with regret.

“What!! kadot, as I usually called him is no more?? How I wish I could have called him before, I thot he was joking.  Really shocked R.I.p bro.”

Another colleague, ‎Moses Juma‎ paid tribute saying, “It is with profound shock as i take this moment to convey my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and relatives of my friend Isaiah Khaemba. May the Lord Almighty give you the fortitude to withstand this sad, painful and untimely demise of this great man.its unbelievable. RIP Isaiah.”

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Here are some reactions from Kenyans when the news was posted in a Police forum on Facebook.

Dorothy Kiplagat: Stop judging him sometime when you are in depression and stress some people can’t think other options @ this advices you bring here now is too late R.I.P

Davi Brian Mwangi: Some if us joined the forces in the hope of making it big and a source of livelihood and not a calling. The guy seems relatively young. If it was regarding family issues that would require a counselor but if it was work related then it was because of his immediate senior. Being a leader its not just giving orders but knowing exactly what your juniors are doing and if they are ok.

Isaiah Khaemba
Isaiah Khaemba

Tobias Osano: Vijana mkiandika kazi ya askari, hi sio kazi ya ukaran. Kaa imara, wacheni kujiwua juu mkubwa wako amekuleka front line. Wewe fanya kazi, kifo ni lazima, wacheni kujiwua. Wacha kifo ikuje ukufe kisoja. Rip Cp. Khaemba.

Tobias Osano: Kazi ya askari ni kama kurudumu la gari, inapitia kila aina ya barabara. Vijana wajue hivyo. Maisha ya askari ni kuka ngumu na imara.

Musoga Ebby: Frustrations is real judges keep your judgement to yourselves.

Abu Hudhaifa: Kuna mwenye ako na shida zaidi yako na hajajiuwa, Mungu atatuuliza kwanini tulijifanyia hicho kitendo? Kabla kujiuwa je uko na majibu ya kumjibu Mungu? Kama ni umaskini au shida yoyote basi tambua Nabii Issa (Yesu) Alikua maskini na mwenye shida mpaka ikampelekea kula matawi ya na hakujiuwa, Nabii Muhamad Alipitia misukosuko mingi tu Aliwahi lala na njaa karibu siku tatu. Hii Dunia shida ziko tena nyingi na kila binadamu anapitia matatizo hakuna mwenye ako na raha asilimia mia hata awe tajiri vipi ila mcha Mungu ndio ako na amani.

Franklin Ndegwa: Please civilians keep quiet u know nothing about it.

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