Riverside attack
A security officer runs near a fire outside Dusit Hotel after an attack yesterday. Photo/Enos Teche

“My wife had asked me to prepare cassava for dinner that night. She loved them, especially when it is me who had prepared.”

These are the words of Bernard Kisanya, who last week lost his wife after she succumbed to gunshot injuries from the Dusit attack.

In an interview with the Star, Kisanya termed his late wife, Noel Amudavi, a strong woman and caring mother. He said all she wanted was to see her three boys finish school and become independent in their lives.

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Noel was the only nurse stationed at the DusitD2 Hotel. During the attack, she was on duty at the facility.

When she heard an explosion, she did not know the complex was under attack. She ran from her room with the intent to find out what was happening.

Members of the public being evacuated
Members of the public being evacuated at the Dusit terror attack

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On her way out, she bumped into one of the attackers, who shot her twice in the shoulder.

She tried to make her way back to the hotel, but as she ran up the stairs, she found two the hotel staff who had been severely injured.

She couldn’t leave them behind, she wanted to help, so she tried to secure them.

Unfortunately, the attacker couldn’t let her. She was again shot three times in the stomach.

Noel fell unconscious but did not die. She was among the first victims to be rescued and admitted at the Avenue Hospital in Parklands.

The Star/ Patrick Vidija